Why do you study and practice medicine? To make money? To make a name for yourself? Or, is to help people, to care for your patient the way you would have your medical professional care for you, your pet, or your child?

At SurgiReal we asked ourselves the same question. Why are we making these educational models? We came back with an answer that we’re confident is the same as yours. SurgiReal exists to help improve care for patients across disciplines. We are a company that strives to support students and educators as they train to give patients the best care they are capable of. Our team is committed to creating the most realistic and affordable training models which will give confidence to any patient who knows their doctor learned on SurgiReal products.

Whether you are looking to throw your first stitch or to refresh your skills, SurgiReal has a simulator for you. Ranging from introductory suturing practice to advanced ligation skills, our RealLayer and RealFlow Technologies implemented in our Suture Pad line were designed to give the most realistic tissue feel without the need for cadavers.

To expand on your suture training, we offer models in dermal pathology, podiatry training, and emergency trauma training, as well as, models designed specifically for equine and small animal veterinary procedures.

In the end, we hope to keep our Why aligned with yours. By continuing our commitment to accuracy and affordability we hope to encourage students and practitioners to seek out the best tools in their practice and studies. Our desire is to help you help everyone else.