Whether you are looking to throw your first suture or to refresh your clinical skills, SurgiReal is here to support your ongoing education.

Ongoing Education

SurgiReal supports leading medical education programs in the US and around the world with simulation tools and ongoing education for
suturing and surgical practice. Explore the training material below to strengthen your clinical skills and on-the-job confidence.

The SurgiReal Difference
Things to Consider Before You Make Your Own Suture Pad

Find out why cost in terms of time, effort, and re-usability should all be considered before using a home made suture pad for mastering suture skills.

The SurgiReal Difference
4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Suture Materials

As a medical, PA, veterinary, nursing student or any medical professional performing suturing, the importance of practicing your suturing skills cannot be left to the wayside. Perfecting your suture techniques frequently throughout your time in school, and even during your professional career, will ensure that you score high on your clinical exams, and ultimately will provide the best service to your patients

The SurgiReal Difference
Dermal Lesion Simulated Tissue Pad Showcase

Learn why the Dermal Lesion Pad is a great companion to any dermatological training program and how this product can be used when practicing punch, shave, excisional, and snip biopsy as well as mole removal and skin reconstruction.

The SurgiReal Difference
What to Expect When Practicing on Cadavers vs. a SurgiReal RealSuture Pad

While cadavers are often more true-to-life than a video, they still react, feel, and look quite differently than living tissue does. As such, there is an important place for realistic, reusable training tools such as SurgiReal’s suture pads. 

The SurgiReal Difference
Benefits of Maximizing Suture Pad Reusability for Student Use

Given the amount of practice required, it is critical that educators are able to provide their students with quality materials that maximize reusability and will last long past the length of a course.

The SurgiReal Difference
Comparing High Quality Suture Pads to Subpar Alternatives

There are a number of factors to consider when screening a suture training pad for quality. Looking at the materials, the feel and texture of the practice skin, and the durability of the product are just some of the key determinations of a quality training tool.