True-to-form animal simulations develop more confidence and
more competency in veterinary students and surgeons.

SurgiReal improves veterinary
medicine training

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Realistic, Reusable Animal Simulations

True-to-form tissue layers, body parts, and vascular training for large and small animals.

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More Durable for More Practice

Suture pads can take up to thousands of sutures.

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Portable to Practice Where Needed

Practice in the lab or in the dorm, all-in-one kits can be taken on the go.

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Save Time
and Money

Low-maintenance, less supervision, and lower cost per practice session.

Portable Practice for Small Animal Procedures

The SurgiReal Canine Leg Vascular Access Simulator allows for repeated training on venipuncture and vascular access skills with a simulated cephalic vein with softer-than-latex tubing to enhance realism and effectiveness.

Included in the kit:

  • 1000mL IV Bag
  • Artificial Blood Powder and Skin
  • Instructions for set-up, maintenance, and
    use of the model

Shop veterinary simulation tools
for all essential skills.


The SurgiReal Difference
The SurgiReal Difference

Learn more about why SurgiReal Products excel over any other suture practice materials, including a brief history and descriptions of product quality.

The SurgiReal Difference
Product Spotlight: Injection Pad

Learn more about SurgiReal's Three-Depth Injection Pad designed to help students practice injections.

The SurgiReal Difference
How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Suture Practice

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What SurgiReal
Customers are Saying

I was SO excited when I first discovered the SurgiReal product. I have utilized a variety of products over the years in my instruction and the SurgiReal products are my all time favorite.

Karen A. Newell

PA-C, MMSc, Emory University

The students really enjoyed using the SurgiReal simulated tissue. It allowed them to have a realistic suturing experience that was also highly portable, enabling them to practice suturing almost anywhere. This seemed to greatly improve their comfort with suturing skills and techniques. The only problem I had was trying to get them back.

Brent Norris

MPAS, PA-C, Pacific University

We've used SurgiReal products for 2 years now - the texture and durability of the 'skin' is unmatched by other products. The students are able to re-use incisions multiple times.

Mary Jo P. Wiemiller

PA-C, M.S., Marquette University

After years of messy pigs feet, our program started utilizing simulated tissue for our suture training. Through trial and error, we learned the hard way on the pros and cons of other companies out there. Some were less than realistic, others were slimy and too friable. SurgiReal's 5-Layer tissue pad has out performed all others as a more realistic, durable, and non-slimy alternative to natural tissues. We have used SurgiReal products since 2014 and will continue indefinitely.

Jay R. Metzger

MPAS, PA-C, University of North Dakota

We conducted a dermatology segment in which we utilized the SurgiReal I&D pads. These pads were most helpful for me as faculty in demonstrating to the students the proper technique for performing an incision and drainage procedure.

Toussaint Battley III

DNP, FNP-BC, Loyola University

After using SurgiReal's 5-Layer simulated tissue pad myself, I noticed a huge difference from other brands. The quality of the texture of the skin is superior to what I have used before and it's not greasy like other brands. The ability to remove sutures and suture over the same area again without tearing the skin is one of the best qualities. That is what makes it great for students. It allows them to perfect their technique or try different suture techniques without worrying about space. It is an excellent product and I highly recommend it!

LaBree Hans

PA-C, South University Tampa PA Program

Our PA program selected SurgiReal for skins to teach suturing on. We had another product prior that we needed to replace. We selected SurgiReal based on the quality of the skins. The skins can be ordered in various depths which will allow us to teach suturing subcutaneous tissue.

Dave Martin

MPAS, PA-C, Idaho State University


Started right here in the U.S., and headquartered a stone’s throw from the university in Colorado where one of our founders teaches surgical techniques. SurgiReal is dedicated to an authentic, high-quality learning experience. Simply put, no other practice suturing simulations are as realistic and reusable as SurgiReal. The closest thing to a true lifelike representation of natural, layered tissues. Lower cost per stitch. Neat and portable to pack up and go anywhere.

The confidence, competence and overall experience that imitations and knock-offs cannot provide.

Kits and practice pads feature simulated skin for developing confidence in suturing skills plus specialty simulations that include practice with cysts, abscess, dermal lesions, lipoma and ingrown toenails, hollow organs, vascular access and other specialties.

Animal parts, carpet pads, and peelings and rinds on fruit are alternatives that do not offer the realistic lifelike layers, texture, skin tones, and specialty applications of SurgiReal.

It’s a more accurate presentation of actual experience than cadavers and SurgiReal pads can even be connected to RealFlow blood technologies, too.

SurgiReal kits are the hallmark in the educational space for suturing and surgical practice. The quality and realism is unmatched, however, the cost per stitch is lower than alternatives such as fruit, animal parts and carpet pads that do not have the durability nor the realism. And they’re also more cost-effective than knock-offs that do not as accurately represent the textures and layers of real skin, or tear easily with repeated use.

Suturing kits are priced affordably for either personal student use or shared use among labs and classrooms. Our most popular products allow anywhere up to 750 or 1,500 stitches per pad. And they’re also extremely neat, all-inclusive and portable, so any one student can easily fit hem in a backpack and practice with them wherever they want to practice.