Product Spotlight: Injection Pad

SurgiReal Injection Pad

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One of the most common occurrences during a medical appointment is getting a shot. Nobody likes to get one, but everyone has probably received an injection at some point. The anticipation can cause the patient anxiety, and usually they just want to get it over with. Therefore, the rapid and accurate execution of an injection is an expected skill of any medical provider.

Types of Injections

The most common outpatient injections are the Intra-dermal (within the skin), the Sub-cutaneous (below the skin), and the Intra-muscular (within the muscle). The practitioner must develop an appreciation of how each patient’s skin, fat, and muscular anatomy is unique in order to place the injection into the proper layer that it needs to go.

Practice Makes Perfect

That’s where SurgiReal’s Three Injection Depth Pad comes in handy. The Pad is designed so that the practitioner can recognize the dermal, subcutaneous fat, and muscular layers by tactile feeling when advancing a needle through the skin. Furthermore, the different layers have their own different consistencies that also provide a specific feel in each layer when pushing the injectate. Finally, the foam core allows you to easily squeeze out the fluid so you can practice over and over without distortion of the pad from repeated injections.

Why Practice

Whether it is an intra-dermal tuberculin skin test (i.e., PPD), an intra-muscular flu shot, or a subcutaneous Heparin injection, the practitioner will administer countless injections over their career. The effectiveness of the medicine injected relies on its accurate placement. The SurgiReal’s Injection Pad is available to you to practice your injection technique early in your training so that you will be able to perfectly handle your live patient injections.

To learn more about our Injection Pad click here.