Product Guide: Which Product is Best for Me?

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We frequently receive questions like “Which suture kit or pad would be best for me? There are so many to choose from online and on the SurgiReal website!” 

Today, we present a buying guide that highlights the essential features within our suture kits and hope to help you find a SurgiReal product that best suits your purpose, no matter what level of medicine you practice.

Why SurgiReal Products?

To truly develop confidence in your skills (and thus maximize patient outcomes), suture practice on realistic and reusable materials is paramount.

There are many suture kits available, but only SurgiReal offers suture pads in their kits that contain layers that react and respond in the same way that live human tissue does. The additional reinforcements between the different tissue layers mean our standard kit offers a fully comprehensive suture pad to accommodate superficial suture techniques, multi-layer closures, and subcuticular/intradermal sutures. Furthermore, SurgiReal guarantees placement of at least 1,500 sutures onto a small pad without surface compromise.

“Which suture kit or pad do I need?”

Whether you typically wear a white coat, a cover gown, or scrubs, SurgiReal offers products for the different types of medical providers that perform suturing procedures.

Nursing Students

3-Layer Suture Pad Kit – The 3-layer suture kit offers a suture pad with the first three layers of the human skin (epidermis/dermis layer, subcutaneous fat layer, and first fascia layer), all necessary suture instruments and packs of suture all in one place.

We specifically designed this kit with our nursing partners in mind whose focus is primarily on superficial suture techniques on the top layers of the skin. By creating a pad that is not complicated with additional layers, we are able to save our partners expenses while still offering a realistic and reusable suture training experience.

Dermal Lesion Pad - Many of our nursing programs also practice punch/shave biopsy procedures. To best accommodate this request, we offer our dermal lesion simulated tissue pad for biopsies, excisions, and skin reconstruction. Each pad has multiple moles and skin tag lesions for several opportunities for practicing these procedures as well.

Physician Assistants Students

6-Layer Suture Pad Kit- Physician Assistants students might be working on complex deeper wounds, and so a more comprehensive suture kit is available for them. Our 6-layer suture pad kit can accommodate superficial suture techniques, multi-layer closures, and subcuticular/intradermal sutures. The pad is reinforced and holds tension on sutures where other pads might rip, shred, or tear. The 6-layer suture pad kit comes with all necessary suture instruments and six packs of suture.

I&D Simulated Cyst/Abscess Tissue Pad and Ingrown Toenail Simulator - To be fully prepared, many PA programs will also practice incision-and-drainage and ingrown toenail removal as supplemental procedures. Our I&D Simulated Cyst/Abscess Pad has a cyst on one side and an abscess on the other, both ready to be worked on. Similarly, our Ingrown Toenail Simulator has ingrown nails on both sides and simulated bone through the middle.

Medical Students

The 6-layer pad, I&D, and dermal lesion kits can be a nice start for the medical student, but SurgiReal offers even better fits.

RealFlow Suture Pad - What is more realistic than a suture pad that actually bleeds when an incision is made? That is what happens with SurgiReal’s RealFlow Suture Pad. Great for the aspiring surgeon or proceduralist, this bleeder pad is designed with a system of simulated vessels running through a 6-Layer pad for suture practice in the scenario of active bleeding. Designed with the purpose of more accurately teaching vessel ligation and bleeding management, the RealFlow Suture Pad also allows for practice with superficial and deep incisions, needle placement, uniformity of suture patterns, and knot tying.

Clinical Skills Videos – Did you know that SurgiReal provides free student training videos via our website and YouTube channel for anyone who wishes to further their skills? The compilation of videos include assorted content such as instruction on different suturing techniques, right- and left-handed knot tying, and various procedures that are consistently taught at the different program levels described earlier.

Still not sure which product is the best fit for your needs? Contact us! We'll be happy to help.

To learn more about our RealSuture 6-Layer Suture Pad click here.