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SurgiReal Difference
Why Practicing on Pig's Feet and Cadavers Could Lead to Poor Suture Skills

When it comes to surgical skills such as suturing, knot tying, excisions and so on, not all practice materials are as worthwhile and accommodating as others.

SurgiReal Difference
Things to Consider Before You Make Your Own Suture Pad

Find out why cost in terms of time, effort, and re-usability should all be considered before using a home made suture pad for mastering suture skills.

SurgiReal Difference
The Evolution of Suture Training Materials

SurgiReal products grew out of the emphasis for simulation-based training in medical education. Essentially, suturing is a basic skill expected of many professionals in the medical field, and due to the high cost of anatomy laboratories and real specimens, various types of models have been used to simulate human tissue