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Why Investing in a Tensioning Base Will Improve Your Suturing Skills

SurgiReal’s Tensioning Base is specifically designed to cultivate the learning environment. The tensioning base is a very practical and useful tool to have on hand when practicing suture, I&D, and biopsy techniques on simulative materials.The base acts to hold the suture pad in place to create a rounded surface replicating life-like surface tension of a wound or incision.

SurgiReal Difference
4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Suture Materials

As a medical, PA, veterinary, nursing student or any medical professional performing suturing, the importance of practicing your suturing skills cannot be left to the wayside. Perfecting your suture techniques frequently throughout your time in school, and even during your professional career, will ensure that you score high on your clinical exams, and ultimately will provide the best service to your patients

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Questions to Ask When Looking for A Suture Kit

When looking to Invest in equipment that will help improve your medical skills, you want something that is both effective and economical. In this blog post, we will answer common questions regarding suture kits that assure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.