3-Layer Clinical Bundle

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This bundle is designed to accommodate common procedures for many programs, and includes:

  • 3-layer suture kit for superficial and subcuticular suture training
    • Includes instruments, sutures, and tensioning base
  • Incision & Drainage Cyst/Abscess
  • Choice between:
    • Onychocryptosis (Ingrown toenail), -OR-
    • Dermal Lesion Pad
Small 3-layer, Suture Kit

Our small, 3-layer suture pad kit is designed to accommodate a minimum of 750 sutures with three (3) distinct layers (Epidermis, Subcutaneous fat layer, Fascia) uniquely formulated to replicate its respective real-life tissue layer, making it the most realistic model on the market. Each kit also has one (1) Disposable No. 10 Scalpel, one (1) Adson Tissue Forceps (1x2), one (1) Stitch Scissor, one (1) Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 6”, three packets each of 3-0 and 4-0 suture, and a carrying case.

Tensioning Base

The perfect accessory to any of our Suture Pads, the Tensioning Base acts to hold your pad in place conforming it to a rounded surface to replicate life-like surface tension of an incision. After securing your pad to the base, once cut, the incision will “open up” allowing the student to gain realistic access to the lower muscle and fascia layers for deep suturing and provide appropriate tension on superficial layers. The bottom of the base features a tacky rubber to prevent your Base from moving on the table mid-suture.

I&D Simulated Cyst/Abscess Tissue Pad

As close as you can get without practicing on the real thing, the I&D Simulated Cyst/Abscess Pad is SurgiReal’s most popular specialty pad. The pad is embedded first with an abscess that can be expressed, cleaned, packed and suture. Additionally, there is a fully encapsulated cyst in the second pocket for multiple practice opportunities. Also available in double cyst/double abscess.

Ingrown Toenail Simulator

A considerable improvement over inadequate and impractical substitutes, the Ingrown Toenail Simulator is “ingrown” on both sides to offer the opportunity to practice wedge rection and nail evulsion procedures more than once. Additionally, the model is created with a simulated bone in the middle for digital blocks.


Dermal Lesion Simulated Tissue Pad

The Dermal Lesion pad is a great companion to any dermatological training program. The moles (2 sizes) and skin tags provide exposure to multiple procedures and allows the opportunity to practice punch, shave, excisional, and snip biopsy, as well as mole removal and skin reconstruction. Optional 4mm disposable biopsy punch is also available.