Canine Neuter Simulator

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SurgiReal’s Canine Neuter Simulator allows students and instructors to practice the canine neuter procedure and, with a small replacement kit, reassemble and practice again!

This model includes a replaceable skin and replaceable testes. The Testes each have two simulated vessels to replicate the vas deferens and the vascular supply and are covered with a pouch layer to mimic the tunica albuginea. The reusable base has a raised ridge that represents the penis for palpation purposes and a tube that represents the urethra. When covered with lubricating gel, the testes can be advanced for a pre-scrotal approach. They can then be amputated through either a closed or an open technique. The skin incision can be closed after the procedure.

Replacement Skin and Testes can be purchased separately for additional training on this essential procedure and are available HERE.

Non-toxic, Non-hazardous Silicone and Plastic

Latex Free