RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad

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The RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad is designed to mimic the first three superficial layers of the abdominal wall; the Epidermis layer, Subcutaneous layer, and the first Fascia layer. To behave like real tissue, the Epidermis layer has been reinforced to absorb tension and pulling in your suture practice.

Training Applications:
  • Superficial Suturing
  • Ensuring Knot Security

***This pad is not optimized for subcuticular stitches, please purchase our 6-Layer pad to practice subcuticular stitches***

Practice Stich capacity a minimum of 750 sutures and re-useable 10 times.

Measurements: Small: 8 x 11cm

Color Options Available: Light and Dark Skin Tone

Non-toxic, Non-hazardous Silicone

Latex Free

Patent No. 8,613,621