Ultrasound Vascular Access Model

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The Ultrasound Vascular Access Model is designed to train ultrasound techniques on a variety of vein depths. There are five separate veins in this model, two at surface level, one in the middle depth and two buried approximately one centimeter deep. This varied depth makes this model very useful for practicing and perfecting ultrasound skills. With over 300 pokes on each vein, this model will last for an incredible amount time for skills training.

Training applications:

  • Ultrasound probe positioning and movement
  • Identification of veins in soft responsive tissue
  • Ultrasound guided blood draws
  • Ultrasound guided IV cannulation

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Vein poke capacity a minimum of 300 pokes per vein (5 veins in the model)

Measurements: 8 x 11cm

Color Options Available (Light and Dark Skin Tone)

Non-toxic, Non-hazardous Silicone